Pellicer: “Winning helps winning”

The Malaguista coach analyses the victory against SD Ponferradina in his coaching debut: “They are three points that make us believe in ourselves”.


14/01/2020 23:10

A very important victory

“Yes, above all, a victory is important in regard to the situation the team was in and I would like to congratulate the players. We started off very well in the first half, we scored a very quick goal that boosted our confidence. I didn’t look at any statistics as, usually, when a match ends coaches have flashbacks, so I believe it’s better to analyse later. I’m very happy for the players, they gave their all. A win, three points and now to focus on Friday’s game”.

Three points to help us to believe

“They are three very important points. They make us believe in ourselves, make the players feel more useful, more comfortable. This is a pure result, beyond how it was achieved. I have found a very united group, with very clear ideas and regardless of who plays, with all the difficulties and changes, they give everything they’ve got. They are the protagonists. In this regard there’s no doubt, which is very important as it helps us to grow, and tomorrow we’ll train with that enthusiasm. Winning helps winning”.

Happy with the work

“We tried to give some nuances. We were aware they had changed their system of play. It took us a while to adjust, but they hadn’t had too much depth. We’re very pleased as the work we’ve been doing led to the goal action and a couple of other dangerous opportunities. This helps us to grow”.

The players are the protagonists

“It would be an illusion to think we achieved this victory due to a couple of training sessions we’ve had. We did a few things that we can see are being absorbed, but in the end it’s all about having the right mindset and the players are open. It’s a question of believing. Beyond the tactical and physical training, if an idea is conveyed to the players and they don’t believe, it’s tough to take that to the pitch. I think that within all the difficulties of this week, we saw certain things and there are other factors we’d like to improve. In the second half we lacked a degree of possession and we could have had a little more patience”.

The dressing room is happy with the victory

“They’re extremely happy, they needed this win. At this level the players are privileged, but they are people and they suffer. This is why they are focused and since I’ve arrived, we’ve just talked football. That’s what the players want, everything else is useless”.

Good debut from Juande

“This is the good thing about the Club, young players who do a great job. Of course, I have an advantage as I know them all very well. However, it’s not just Juande, I think there’s great raw material. I knew he’s a very focused player and, in addition, pairing up with Luis who can help him gave him peace of mind. There’s always a first time for everyone and his teammates helped him, which I’m not at all surprised about. Even if he’d made a mistake that cost us the match, I’d be happy as I know what he can give. Beyond all that is the daily training. I think he did a great job”.

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