Pellicer: “We want hard work, tenacity and a strong temperament"

The Malaguista coach had a few words of affection for former team captain Adrián in the run-up to #RealZaragozaMálaga: “As a professional he’s a 10 out of 10, even more so as a person, and I’m sure he’ll come back to Málaga”.


17/10/2020 15:07


“They’re a huge team, with the most season ticket holders in the category. Along with us, they have the largest social following and are the team most affected by the pandemic, not being able to enjoy the fans. The other day they won a match in minute 87, as they maintained their insistence in the rival half. This gives the team a great deal of character, which is conveyed by the coach. It’s going to be a tough game, we’ll have to exceed our limit as they have great attacking power, and it will be difficult to generate opportunities”.

Upcoming match calendar

“We have five matches coming up in which it will be important to respect injuries and, above all, the state of mind beyond the result. We’ll need to look forward and focus on the next game. Following the match, the next day we can analyse and correct the mistakes and accentuate the positives. We want to take steps forward, we want hard work, tenacity and a strong temperament, and to be courageous in every aspect”.


As a professional he’s a 10 out of 10, even more so as a person. He’s a player who understands the game, with the ability to accelerate and pause play. It’s exciting because everyone sees what’s visible whereas Adrián sees the invisible. I told him I’m sure he’ll come back to Málaga, whether as a player or a coach. In addition, I have a personal appreciation for him as he represents everything that a coach wants from a player. I’m sorry he’s not here this season, it’s a great pity. I hope he doesn’t score against his former team, as he always tends to do, but I wish him all the best from the day after tomorrow, as speaking from the heart, he deserves everything”.

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