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Press conference

Pellicer: “We have to be strong at home and re-engage our fans”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference before the match against Recreativo de Huelva. “We are focused on doing our best and being more consistent,” he stated.

Getting over the last match

“We had a very hard and painful second half. If we had maintained the level of the first half, we would be talking about the rivals who made mistakes and we’d have moved nearer. In regard to the poor second half, the person most responsible is me. When you come from a defeat like that, focus is firmly on the next game, which is the most important now. We’re facing a team who are winning on their own merits and are competing at a high level. They are one of the best away from home, along with us. It’ll be a high-tension match, we have to play well at home, it’s our duty. We have to be strong at home and re-engage our fans, who make an extraordinary effort. We have to do our best to give our people a win.”

We need to be back to our best

“The reason we’re so angry is because we had just won two matches, it was a good time to reengage, and we didn't do it. We didn’t come back after the break in the same way as when we left. Our focus now is on working hard, managing the group and mechanising the game ideas, so that they understand what each context requires. We are doing many things well, but we are impacted by the small details. We have trained in a specific way, in groups and with video sessions. We are focused on doing our best and being more consistent.”

The rival- RC Recreativo de Huelva

“They have things similar to us in attack, with versatility in midfield. They know that we have the obligation to go all out for the game, they want to dominate and make you attack the spaces. I hope that more spaces appear in midfield, there may be changes as always. The important thing is that the players understand that they are important and that they do their best. It’s not about who’s in the starting line-up, it’s about there being a good deal of competitiveness in the squad.”

Supporting Unicaja in the Copa del Rey

“Whatever happens on Sunday, the next day the sun will rise and there will be another game. I already sent a message of support to Ibón Navarro. We wish them all the luck in the world because they are doing something great. We have to enjoy the pressure and have tolerance in criticism. In other teams we wouldn’t have these situations, I accept criticism with great tolerance and turn the other cheek in order to learn. The pressure is the same as the first day we lost in Castellón, we need to be very calm and cautious. At this time, I would have agreed to be within a few points of sixth place, but not so many points behind first. We won’t be able to reward the fans' efforts, but we will be able to give our all. We have to know how to compete, the most beautiful thing is yet to come, and we must stay calm. We want to win on Sunday to break the irregularity. We’re extremely focused and certain that the fans will help the players to boost their self-esteem and give their best.”