Pellicer: “I congratulate the players for their heart and dedication”

The Blue and White coach held a remote press conference following #MálagaLogroñés. “Now it’s time to rest and clear our minds responsibly”, he said.


20/12/2020 23:39

Review of the 0-0 draw

“At this stage in the season, it was such a long game. There wasn’t much associative play on both sides, but I think we generated the clearest chances. Then everything changed, in the action (Yanis’ red card) there may have been contact but I don’t think there was any bad intention. There are no excuses, the team competed with 10 men, yet I believe 11 against 11 we could have taken the three points. I’m proud of how hard the players worked and congratulate them for their heart and dedication. We feel identified with that”.

Adapting to the game

“There are many variants in a match. We prepared for this one by adapting to the profile of the players we had. They had a little more possession, but the most dangerous actions of the game were ours. We are aware that we have to be more dynamic, particularly at home. With a player down, the efforts are multiplied”.

Professional players

“We even thought that the goalkeeper could go out as a player. The team did well, we couldn’t make changes due to the circumstances. These are situations we’re aware of and sometimes, when you’re on the wire, these things happen. I said yesterday, the situation is worsening due to injuries, and it would be important to be able to expand the number of professionally registered players to provide a degree of relief. We could be fighting for other things, I think, if we had more, but now it’s time to rest as we have the League and Cup competitions, and this is a marathon”.

Christmas break

“Looking back to when we kicked off preseason training in Alhaurín, we never thought that we’d have 26 points now. Yet we could have had more, especially at our stadium, if we’d been a little more solid, we could be higher up the table. Now it’s time to rest and for the players to clear their minds responsibly. They have time to disconnect, spend time with family and come back on Monday with the same energy as today”.

19 matches of vertigo

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve been consistent and known how to rebuild ourselves when we fell down. Beyond the result, we’ve been identified by the values of solidarity and hard work. The review is positive, to see the evolution of the group, the team, we’ve always looked ahead. I see a human and professional group, that is the way forward, a path of humility, hunger, honesty…There are two games left before the second round and we hope to score points in both. There’s a long way to go in such a tough competition”.

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06/05/2021 13:04 | Training

More strategy training at the Annexe

The team returned to training for the third session of the week at La Rosaleda’s facilities. Luis Muñoz, for the second consecutive day, was integrated into the group at a good pace.