Pellicer: “All the points we win are added to the pot and we’re taking steps forward”

The Malaguista coach held a remote press conference following the victory against AD Alcorcón. “We’ve got six points from three matches, which is wonderful for us”, he stated.


27/09/2020 12:06

Match review

“We were aware of the difficulty of the match due to the rival’s characteristics and what we’d be up against, but all the teams are just starting out. I’m very happy with the players’ work, kicking off the match with another plan of using two forwards. During a stretch of the game, although they didn’t have any opportunities, it appeared as though Alcorcón were starting to feel more comfortable with the second play. Then we made some adjustments. I told the players at half-time that we need to be confident. We’re in a phase of construction, this has only just started and we have to control the state of mind. The team went all out, it was a rough match with little continuity of play. We knew that the team who scored would have a great advantage”.

Unity within the group

“You can see the commitment, a very together team, a solid block, keeping a clean sheet. We lacked more arrival, but we managed to score against a team that hadn’t conceded up until then. We’re going to focus on the positives”.

Short-term objective

“We’ll take each day at a time, there’s a great deal of work to do and suffering due to the circumstances we find ourselves in. This is a credit to everyone, those who played and those who are in training every day at the Federación ground. Being up against certain circumstances, the group becomes stronger, we’re all one. We have to go match by match, there’s no time to relax in this competition. Both victories and defeats should only last 24 hours. We shall of course celebrate the victory, but on Monday we’ll be concentrating on preparing for a new match, going to face Rayo Vallecano with the aim of competing. It’s so early on in the competition, we’ve only played three games. The way forward is about honesty, group work and for everyone to recognise that you have to give all you’ve got when playing for Málaga

Room for improvement

“The players are focused and have soul. There are many things we have to improve on, both in defence and attack, as we’re currently in a period of construction. All the points we win are added to the pot and we’re taking steps forward. We’ve got six points from three matches, which is wonderful for us. It’s all about continuity in regard to the good we’re doing, as in this competition anyone can beat you in any situation. We’ll focus on one step at a time and now it’s about the match against Rayo”.


“The most important thing is to believe, be a solid team in defence and maintain a clean sheet. That way we’ll be closer to our objective. From there, people can identify with the commitment and passion of the players. You can see them giving all they’ve got until the last minute, that’s the way forward. There will be teams that may be of a higher quality than us, but we will always be on top in terms of hunger and passion. As the players improve in all facets of the game, we’ll have the quality to generate more opportunities, which in this category is incredibly difficult”.

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