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Pellegrini: “Our expectations are very high”

Málaga CF coach, Manuel Pellegrini, held a press conference today, before the team leaves for the pre-season stage in Campoamor.

(Team) “They’re doing well after their long holiday; some players who had injury problems have recovered, like Toulalan, whilst Baptista had to have more surgery, so he didn’t start training with us today.”

(Signings) “I don’t think it’s an advantage starting with new players, plus we’ve got the entire month of July to form the team, and three weeks until the League starts.”

(Venezuela tour) “It’s important for the Club to play on another continent, as we continue to grow and become more well-known.  There was a lot of interest and excitement surrounding us over there, particularly Rondón.”
(Objectives) “Whereas last year we were full of hope and excitement, it’s now a reality.  We qualified for the Champions League, but this doesn’t mean we’ll qualify every year.  Our expectations are very high, but we’re all full of ambition and positivity that the team will have a good season, and stay as relaxed as possible.”
(Growth of the Club) “There’s a clear five year plan to ensure Málaga is an important Club in Europe and the Spanish League.  The growth of the Club has exceeded all expectations.  Last year we saw teams like Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla and Athletic not qualify for Champions.  We’re a Club that has been growing over a relatively short time, and that will continue to grow in every aspect.”
(Baptista) “Julio’s injury hasn’t changed our plans at all; we’re facing two months without him, but he continues to be a member of the team and we look forward to his return.  These things happen, and we need to keep positive and do our best.”