Pau: “I’ve come to fight for great things”

The new Blue and Whites’ defender held a press conference today at La Rosaleda. “Málaga was an option that could not be turned down”, said Pau Torres during his official presentation to the media.


08/08/2018 14:03

José Luis Pérez Caminero accompanied the Malaguista number ‘5’ to the press room. “I’d like to thank him for being here as there was a lot of interest in him; and thanks to Villarreal who spoke wonders about him. He has some innate qualities, strength, pace, good exit with the ball with keeps his head up at all times. We will not enjoy a project, but the reality of a player. Hopefully he’ll have a good year, enjoy the city and the team and help us achieve the objective we’re all striving for”, stated the Club’s sports director.


“I’ve received a wonderful welcome from the group. I’m trying to adapt as quickly as possible, today I played the first minutes against the reserve team and felt very comfortable (…). I was able to speak to Pablo Fornals, Castillejo, ‘Cazorlita’ and coach Calleja. They all agreed that this is a good place for me to grow as a player and will be very good for me personally”.


“Málaga was an option that could not be turned down. It’s a Club that’s going to fight for great things this year. Now it’s time to work hard to win every game we play (…) Calleja spoke very highly of Muñiz, and he told me this is a Club that will demand a lot and where I will enjoy and learn a great deal (…) Personally, I want to play as many minutes as I can this season to help the team as much as possible. Play a lot of football and be at the top of the table”.

The Málaga of Champions

“Dortmund? I was at home with my family. It was a Spanish team, apart from Pellegrini being there, it was a good team and Málaga deserved to win that game and was unfairly knocked out”.


“I’ve undertaken the entire pre-season with Villarreal, have played every match and today felt good on the pitch against the reserve team. I’m available to the coach”.