Ontiveros: “It’s a play I like to do”

The Malaguista winger appeared in the mixed zone at the Carlos Belmonte after the victory against Albacete: “With a man down we knew how to suffer, we did very well defensively”.


05/06/2019 11:36

Great teamwork

“The truth is the team played a 10 out of 10 match. With a man down we knew how to suffer, we did very well defensively and on the counter-attack”.

A goal with copyright

“As soon as I got the ball, I tried to do the diagonal, it’s a play I like to do, I hit it and luckily it went in. It was a good goal”.

Overcoming adversity

“Following Alfred’s goal, Blanco was shown his second yellow card, making the match a bit more of an uphill struggle. However, we knew how to make the most of our opportunities and the team was very good in defence”.

A match with a taste of the play-offs

“We knew it was a play-off match, to be able to reach them and to know what they’ll be like. We’ll try to always give the best of ourselves and win all the upcoming matches”.

With confidence

“It’s the confidence the coach conveys to me. If he gives me confidence, I’ll convey it on the field of play. We are all as one, the team is doing really well”.

Thanks fans

“To the people of Málaga I say thank you and we’ll be waiting for you on Saturday against Elche. We’re going to try to end the season on a high and go all out for the play-offs”.