Okazaki: “I’m very excited about this project”

The first Málaga CF signing for 19/20 was officially presented today at La Rosaleda’s press room. “I want to score a lot of goals”, he said during his presentation to the media.


31/07/2019 14:14

Wearing the number ‘23’ shirt, Okazaki was accompanied by sports director José Luis Pérez Caminero during his press conference. “I thank him for his patience in being able to come here. He has shown he wanted to be here from the start, which is why he’s here now. I believe he’s a top player for Málaga. This is one of the greatest satisfactions I’ve had within this Club”, said the Malaguista sports director, who was “optimistic” to the media: “I want the people of Málaga to be happy with their team. And for the Club to have the best squad to face such a tough, intense league like last season (…) The transfer window closes on 2nd September, but each day you have to try and incorporate more players in order to have the best team”.

Finally, Caminero made it clear that “I came here with an aim, which is to try and get Málaga back to the First Division. The first year we came close, and I’m very stubborn and will do all I can to get there. The unity within the dressing room exists, and with that thought in mind, I go home every day”.

Press conference | Shinji Okazaki


“I wanted to play for a Spanish team, the opportunity presented itself and I’m delighted to be able to play at Málaga (…) I was able to train with the team and I’m happy to have already had the chance to play”.


“The fact I could be with the team gave me confidence, it was a very pleasant wait to be surrounded by my teammates (…) I am passionate about football and I’m very excited about this project. All my teammates are extremely friendly, I’m going to work hard and feel very comfortable on this team”.


“I’m very happy and motivated to start the season with a lot of strength and encouragement (…) I want to score a lot of goals”.

Málaga CF and Málaga

“I had various offers, but I chose Málaga because there’s a lot of potential (…) I have only had the opportunity to visit Marbella and haven’t been to the centre of Málaga yet, but my first impressions have been very good”.