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Press conference

Míchel: “The best medicine to ensure good energy is to win”

Blue and Whites’ coach, Míchel González held a press conference this afternoon at La Rosaleda’s press room. “The team is better, immersed in the game and more stable”, he states.


“Well, thinking about what we’ve been doing lately in LaLiga, the commitment we have with LaLiga, and above all because the players and the coach can be more or less accurate, our attitude is always spot on, that’s indisputable. The attitude is the same in League and Cup games, but at times we don’t get it right, as we saw the other day. It undid all the work we’d done, being knocked out by Second Division side, Numancia, despite the number of chances we had and the way we performed in the first half, which should have been enough to get through. However, although we were eliminated, that doesn’t mean to say that we’ve lost sight of our objective, which is LaLiga”.

Winning is the best medicine

“I don’t know anything better than winning, even though people say: ‘well now you have more time to prepare for the matches each week’.  Whereas I think that the best medicine to ensure good energy is to win any match and reach the final. A good example is Alavés last year”.

General improvement

“I think we’re coping with the tension well. We know the problem we’ve got ourselves into, and know how we can resolve it, which is what we’re showing. The team isn’t just obtaining results against teams like Celta and Dépor, but also, like at the Bernabéu, you can see the team is much better, immersed in the game and more stable”.

No looking back

“The only way to continue along this path is not to look at either side or backwards, but focus on ourselves, which is our responsibility and how we must move forward”.

Levante, with the stamp of Muñiz

“Muñiz’s teams are tremendously organised and tremendously forceful. They are serious in defence, work very well in a block, so maintaining a clean sheet is fundamental. These advantages and qualities that his teams have are very tough to counteract. We push ourselves to find solutions both collectively and individually from a defence aspect, as however bad we’re defending, the other day against Numancia during their only shot at the target, we made a mistake and they made the most of it. It’s true that for us it’s a huge obsession, it’s terrifying having to play each game with the difficulties the teams at the bottom have, trying to score goals. As such, if you concede one, you have to score two. That’s hard to understand”.