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Press conference

Míchel: “It’s a small step, but a very important one”

The Blue and Whites’ coach evaluates the victory against RC Celta and praises the fans’ support: “The fans were incredible. They have faith and really believe in us. The joy we take from here is immense”.

Intense match

“I think it was a very intense match, as you couldn’t expect otherwise. The fans were incredible. They have faith and really believe in us. The joy we take from here is immense, but we must carry on. We knew that to win matches we’d have to suffer like today. It’s good to have these three points in the pot, as it enables us to look at things differently, more calmly”.

Match analysis

“I think we were very good. The first half in particular was great. We scored at the last minute, but had already given an air of security, with many chances to score. We were giving a sense of dominance of play against a team like Celta, who know each other very well and play good football. We scored the first goal just before half-time, which helped the team to stay calm. As time went on, the lads wanted to conserve that feeling of calm, as we were getting closer. However, then the visitors went level. As we saw, the team reacted very well. The victory was tight and hard-fought, but also well-deserved, both for my players and the fans”.


“We’re happy, very happy. As I’ve been saying regularly, the boys often work at the level we’ve seen tonight, yet didn’t reap the rewards. Today we did it as a group”.

Trust and faith

“Victories come as a result of trust and faith. I’ve repeated it many times, that we don’t have a team that warrants just having one point. We’ve had matches like we’ve seen today, perhaps even better ones, where we haven’t been able to claim a point. This lowers the players’ morale, as they continue to work the same. I think it’s a good sign that we’re a First Division team. As our fans say, here nobody gives up, and today we showed that”.


“It’s a liberation for everyone. At times, you enter into a negative spiral and believe you aren’t able to do anything. But then you do, you achieve, and that allows us to know where the level is. Sometimes, a bit more effort and trust seem very little, but it’s actually a lot, as this gives you the security and confidence to win matches. Our team, over these 10 games, has done far more to justify having only four points. Today, as an example, we did many things, then in the 80th minute we were 1-1. I’m trying to say that, on other occasions, things have turned against us, but today we followed the path of constancy. We maintained that confidence”.

Personality and character

“The decisions on the pitch, the personality and character the players showed today, I can’t inject into them, they have it, but they have to show it. It’s much easier to do that when the team is regular than when they’re anxious because of bad results. The fans and the players are the ones who must share this victory”.

Dressing room

“The dressing room is delighted. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. When you’re a student and you finish your exams with top marks, you feel liberated. This makes us want to focus on the next game as soon as possible as we need to play in the same way. It’s a small step, as we still only have four points, but it’s an important one. Today we moved a little closer to what we want to achieve, although we know we’ll have to suffer like we did today”.