MCF stats of the 20/21 season

A classic end of season look at the official stats provided by LaLiga. Check out the most outstanding individual Málaga CF data from LaLiga SmartBank 20/21.


02/06/2021 11:11

Matches played

Juande and Yanis lead the way having played 39 out of 42 matches. Caye and Cristian, with 35, and Escassi, with 34, make up the top 5.

Minutes played

Juande, Pellicer’s Swiss watch, heads up this statistic, being the only player who has accumulated more than 3,000 minutes of play (3,113).


Yanis Rahmani and Luis Muñoz were the team pichichis with 5 goals each. Juande and Chavarría, with 4 goals, are tied in third place of the highest scorers.


Yanis provided the most assists for the team this season. The French-Algerian player gave 5 goal assists to his teammates. Another two wingers, Joaquín and Jairo, complete the podium with 4 assists.


Yanis generated the most shots at goal, totalling 42, 14 on target. Caye followed with 36 (15 on target), and Cristian with 30 (11 on target). Check out Stefan, who made 7 shots (5 on target) and scored 3 goals.


Juande is back on top. This time in regard to the number of passes with 1,434. A total of 1,115 were accurate, so his percentage of success rose to 77.7%. Escassi is second with 1,377 (1,096 accurate).


Yanis stands out in this regard with a total of 84 shots on goal. In second place is Joaquín with 56 and Matos with 53.


Dani Barrio and Juan Soriano alternated in goal. The goalkeeper from Asturias made 55 saves in 24 games, whilst the keeper from Sevilla made 41 saves in 18 matches.


The Yanis Rahmani dribble is one of his best weapons. On 127 occasions he made 62 accurate dribbles. As with his assists, he leads Joaquín (58 total, 31 accurate) and Jairo (46 total, 22 accurate).


Cristian took more corners than any other Blue and White player; 64 for the player from Jerez. Jozabed (45) and Yanis (35) are next on the list.


Dani Barrio is in the lead having recovered 216 balls. In regard to pitch players there was a technical tie between Yanis (169) and Escassi (168).


Caye was offside on 18 occasions, compared to 15 for Yanis and Chavarría.


Once again, Yanis lead the way with a total of 164 fouls; 62 committed and 102 received (2,6 average per match).


Escassi completed two cycles totalling 10 yellow cards and an expulsion due to a double yellow, on a relatively quiet season for cards both individually and collectively.

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