MCF Foundation and The Academy join The MBC in a webinar

The business club enjoyed the remote presentations of the different projects that both areas of the Club are undertaking.


11/02/2021 16:42

Despite the circumstances, The MBC’s main objective continues to be to develop and enhance the synergies between its members. The last remote meeting featured the MCF Foundation, represented by its coordinator, Lucas Rodríguez, and The Academy by Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’, head of the youth ranks; Rubén Castillo, head of Administration at The Academy; and Salvador Cortés, Club architect.

First up was Lucas Rodríguez, who talked about some of the MCF Foundation’s projects. These include ‘Blue and White Values’ and the ‘Supercapacitad@s’ School, featuring workshops on environmental education and emotions, defending the sports, social, historical and cultural values of Málaga society. In addition, he explained the situation regarding the #SiempreFuerte Awards, which are being adapted to the current health crisis.

The remote meeting continued with the turn of Salvador Cortés, who explained how the works are progressing on The Academy. He affirmed that if works continue at the same rate, they’ll be finalised in October.

For their part, Duda and Rubén Castillo discussed the children from The Academy making the ‘jump’ and its importance to the future of Málaga CF. They added that the 17 youth teams will be better coordinated and more controlled and productive day-to-day.

These remote meetings will continue during February, which are proving to be highly positive for The MBC.

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19/04/2021 10:39 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

MCF Academy match results

Defeat for Malagueño and MCF Femenino over the weekend, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ team secured a draw at home against Sevilla outfit Calavera. There was a full house of victories in 7-a-side football.

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MCF Academy match schedule

Atlético Malagueño and the Juvenil 'A' team will be in action on Sunday at 12:00. Javi Ramos will debut as Málaga Femenino coach, also on Sunday, at 10:00 in Cártama in a crucial match against Femarguín.