Manolo Sánchez: “We’re ambitious; the higher we get, the better for the Club”

The second Malaguista coach held a remote press conference for the media this Thursday. “We’re focused on the three points. Three plus three is six, and so on until 24”, he said.


15/04/2021 14:08


“It’s important to have almost achieved the objective. The team dynamic is great, it’s a wonderful, ambitious group”.

Orlando and Escassi

“Orlando is training with a degree of normality. We know Escassi has some discomfort so we’re evaluating these options to decide if he’ll be part of the squad list”.

UD Las Palmas

“Las Palmas are happiest when they have the ball and lengthy possession. They also want to get as high up the table as they can. On a good day they’re able to generate scoring opportunities. They tend to score in open games and in the final minutes, with impressive talent. It’ll be a wide open match, but we’re prepared for it not to be so open”.

Dream…with our feet on the ground

“We know that the best thing to do is take each match at a time. When an objective is, practically, achieved we don’t want to obsess ourselves with points, we want to be ambitious in every game. The intensity and rhythm of training is conveyed in every match. Dreaming of something beautiful, of course, but always with our feet on the ground (…) it’s exciting to dream and set high goals, but the most important thing is to score points in every match and see where we are for the final four games. We remain aware of where we’ve come from in recent years, and it’s not about going from black to white to quickly”.

Just football

“The focus is solely on football. Especially for the players, who are the protagonists. We are only concentrating on football, We’re excited to be here and the higher score we have the better for everyone. Thinking about renewals only distracts you. The priority is football and scoring the three points in every game”.

Three out of three

We’re focused on the three points. Three plus three is six, and so on until 24. We’re ambitious, concentrate on ourselves and the higher we get, the better for the Club. The group has passion, enthusiasm and ambition to score points in every match (…) These players have given the Club tremendous stability both financially and from a sporting aspect”.

Pellicer method

“The coach never stops thinking about new tools to continue evolving. If you don’t continue progressing and evolving like he does, you get left behind. We are always on alert, innovate every week and are obsessed with video analysis so the players know the required concepts to face each game”.

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25/11/2020 18:05 | First team

Girona, kilometre 14

What better way to end the first third of the league competition with a win at Montilivi?! A first-class victory! The first win in Girona, Escassi scored his first goal, Joaquín Muñoz was in the starting line-up for the first time and Manolo Sánchez sealed his first victory! Way to go!