Manolo Gaspar features in MBC webinar

The Malaguista business group held another remote meeting, where networking takes centre stage. The sports director analysed the current sports situation with the members.


18/11/2020 18:58

The movement restrictions imposed by the authorities due to the pandemic do not prevent The MBC from continuing their routine. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the usual catalogue of group activities (trips, culinary days or sports tournaments), it hasn’t undermined the true meaning of the business group, the collaboration and relationship between its members.

Manolo Gaspar, Málaga CF’s Sports Director represented the Club on this occasion. Within a relaxed atmosphere, the director analysed the current sports situation, economic position and the Club’s project.

This week, The MBC’s webinar was hosted by Grupo 2000, a benchmark in training, employment and innovation. CEO Fran Cortés introduced Ómibu, their trusted marketing agency and firm responsible for their stunning corporate image. Their CEO, Aadel Hamad then met the other members of The MBC.

Another meeting, held remotely and securely, allowing these businesses to boost their knowledge and contacts. See you at the next one!

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