Málaga Femenino to kick off competition on 27th September

The Federation has confirmed the dates for the start of the 2020/21 season in which the Liga Reto Iberdrola will be made up of 34 teams divided into two groups of 17.


15/07/2020 16:24

La Liga Reto Iberdrola now has a start date marked on the calendar, the 27th September. On this day, the 34 teams within the silver division of women’s football in Spain will kick off their league competition.

Among the teams is Málaga CF Femenino. As confirmed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the women’s National Football Committee has approved the match calendar for next season, where there is a novelty for the women’s teams in the silver division.

Since there were no relegations in the category, the teams competing in the Reto Iberdrola league will total 34, compared to last season’s 32.

The calendar also includes dates when the national team will be competing, as well as other competitions such as the Copa de la Reina and the women’s Supercopa de España.

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10/09/2020 20:57 | Málaga CF Female

Back to training for Femenino

Nati Gutiérrez’s players returned to the pitch after a month, once the RFAF’s action protocol against COVID-19 was activated.