Málaga CF will focus preparations in Germany

The Malaguista first team returns to activity on 8th July in Málaga, and between 23rd and 30th July will hold a tour of matches on German soil.


14/06/2016 10:05

The Blue and Whites will kick off the pre-season in less than a month to prepare for the 2016/17 season, during the second and third week of July at the Ciudad de Málaga athletics stadium.  Following this, the team will head to central Europe and spend seven days at Hotel Kasteel Vaalsbroek de Vals (Netherlands), the hotel complex where they’ll stay and train, and which is very close to Germany, where Málaga CF is taking part in various friendlies, as well as the Aachen Cup.


Aachen Cup & LaLiga World

The focal point of the German tour for Málaga is the Aachen Cup, where they’ll come up against local German side, Aachen; FC Cologne; and French side, Olympique de Marseille.  The friendly tournament will take place at Tivoli Stadium (Aachen) on 24th July, from 2 p.m., with both semi-finals amongst the four contenders, as well as third and fourth place.  The final, on the same day, will kick off at 5 p.m.

This will be the second time the Club has travelled to Germany to take part in the LaLiga World project.  In 2014 they visited the city of Gelsenkirchen, leaving a great impression ahead of the international project LaLiga wants to develop within clubs, to enhance the image of Spanish football abroad.


Match schedule (confirmed)| MCF’s tour of Germany

  • Saturday 23rd July: VFL Bochum – Málaga CF (Rewirpowerstadion, Bochum)
  • Sunday 24th July: Aachen Cup | LaLiga World (Tivoli Stadium, Aachen) - Participants: Málaga CF, German side, Aachen, FC Cologne and Olympique de Marseille
  • Saturday 30th July: Fortune Düsseldorf – Málaga CF (ESPRIT Arena, Düsseldorf)