Málaga CF medical report

Several players on the squad have diverse physical injuries and remain outside the group dynamic. Pacheco, Boulahroud and reserve team player Julio have sustained injury over the longest period.


15/07/2020 13:23

The Medical Services of Málaga CF’s first team explain the injuries of the players as follows:

  • Pacheco. Convalescing in Barcelona following surgery (talalgia).
  • Boulahroud. Fibrillar tear (grade I) to long adductor in the left leg.
  • Julio. Anterior talofibular ligament sprain in right foot.
  • Benkhemassa. Strain to adductor muscles in right leg.
  • Lombán. Contracture in femoral biceps of the left leg.
  • Tete Morente. Strain to the triceps surae in the right leg.

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