Luis Muñoz: “I wanted to be here and I’m going to give my all”

The Malaguista, who was team captain for the first time, spoke to MCFTV following #MálagaLasPalmas. “The important thing is we won a point, this has only just started”, he said.


11/10/2020 19:27


“It was difficult because they had closed up well since they had a player sent off. They were able to cause us some trouble on the counter-attacks, as we saw in the couple of chances they had. There are matches when you are down to 10 men and you win, football’s like that. The important thing is we won a point and didn’t lose, this has only just started. A point doesn’t seem like much, but it means a great deal”.

Clean sheet

“It was important to keep a clean sheet, particularly following last week’s game when we conceded a lot of goals. We’ve been working on maintaining a clean sheet this week. We’re a new group, but we must focus on the future, not the past. It’s all about the present and the future and training to the max to get to each weekend in the best possible condition”.


“I was captain for the first time with my hometown team, and I’m thrilled with this debut. Hopefully, there will be many more games like this and we can return to winning ways as soon as possible”.

Double Malagueño pivot

“I felt very comfortable with Escassi, we fought a lot in midfield. We wanted to gain possession, but they closed up well in midfield and didn’t allow us to generate a lot of gameplay”.

Return to La Rosaleda

“I can’t explain it. I knew I wanted to be here and here I am. I’m going to give my all and hopefully we shall soon be celebrating a victory”.

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06/05/2021 13:04 | Training

More strategy training at the Annexe

The team returned to training for the third session of the week at La Rosaleda’s facilities. Luis Muñoz, for the second consecutive day, was integrated into the group at a good pace.