Luis Hernández: “We need the fans to continue supporting us”

The Málaga CF central defender talks about the victory against SD Ponferradina: “We’re very happy to celebrate it with our people. It was a good match overall”.


14/01/2020 23:41

Victory at La Rosaleda

“We’re thrilled with this win, to celebrate it with our people, particularly after a week of such change and movement. Happy to celebrate in front of our fans, who deserved some joy”.

Match analysis

“Football’s like this a lot of the time. It seemed that lately luck hasn’t been on our side and in this situation, no sooner had the match got underway, we went ahead, which boosted the team’s confidence. We had the match very much under control, we could have scored a second goal, but the team played a good match overall”.

Next League game

“We have little time to recover. We’ll try to regain some of the injured players. We’re seeing that players joining the team, such as Juande, are playing on the same line as the rest of the team, which maintains the good dynamic. We hope to keep growing and winning another three points in the next match”.

Message to the fans

“It’s a hard year for them, we’re aware of the reality. I put myself in their place and know what they’re experiencing and suffering. The only way to get out of this situation is to stick together, and for the fans to continue supporting us as they’ve done from the start of the season”.

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