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Luis H: “We will compete to defend this shield”

The Malaguista defender appeared in the mixed zone after the game: “The team finished with all possible dignity having been a man down”.

Difficult match

“We knew the match would be extremely tough against this rival. We trained very well throughout the week, prepared thoroughly for this game and got off to a good start. After they took the 0-2 lead and the expulsion, the match was practically over for us. We tried to make the most of any options we had. If En-Nesyri had netted that goal in the first half, the entire tone of the match would have changed. I believe the team finished with all possible dignity having been a man down against the best team in the League. There are 10 matches remaining in which the team will defend this shield in the best way we can, which will be our dynamic for the remainder of the season”.

Direct rivals

“Of course, we knew that sooner or later the rivals directly above us would score points, so we had to concentrate on doing our job. Many games have passed in which we had options to move closer to safety, but we weren’t able to clinch victory. Now the distance is much wider, but many things can happen in football. The team will compete over these last 10 games to defend this shield, and above all, for the entire city and all the fans behind us. We’ll make the most of our options”.

A victory would change the dynamic

“We all know that as soon as we win a game, the dynamic will change. We’ve been very close in a lot of matches, particularly over the last two months. However, for one reason or another, we haven’t managed a win. We hope this will change next Sunday in Vigo, and that we can move a little closer to where we need to be, and boost morale”.