Lombán: “We have confidence in the work we’re doing”

The Malaguista defender attended to the Club media this Wednesday and analysed #MirandésMálaga: “We have confidence in ourselves and are looking forward to the match”, he said.


11/09/2019 11:34

Keen to make amends

“We can’t wait for this match following the last defeat. Normally, when you have a negative result you want to rectify it in the next game. We are looking forward to the match, knowing it’s a difficult ground”.

CD Mirandés, a complicated rival

“They’re a great team and have just had a positive result. They’ll be confident, however we’re convinced of the team we have, of the work we’re doing and, logically, as the days advance, we’ll become more compact and become a better team”.

Equality in the Second Division

“In the end, this is what the category is like. It’s very close, any detail can decide a match. It’s true that we’re convinced of the work we’re doing and the team we are. We have confidence in ourselves and are looking forward to the match in order to obtain a positive result”.

Good personal sensations

“I feel good, I felt good last year. Of course, I didn’t enjoy as many minutes as I would have liked, but this is a new season with new expectations and new enthusiasm. We have a small team, but with sufficient players and quality to allow us to compete in any game”.

Talking about... Lombán, Entrevista

22/05/2020 18:40 | Interview

Face to face with Lombán and Iván Jaime

Both players spoke to MCFTV to analyse the current situation following Friday’s training session: “We’ve adapted quickly and are training at a very good level”, said the defender.