Limsama, with an M for Malaguista

The company specialising in cleaning and disinfection, clearly Blue and White, is a great ally of the Club, being the main sponsor of the MCF School.


15/06/2020 17:29

Disinfection, sanitation, safe area… terms that have gained a lot of prominence recently. Now, following the coronavirus pandemic, society is more aware than ever of cleaning a public space. However, these concepts are the speciality of Limsama.

This Málaga company is a benchmark in the sector and a strong ally of Málaga CF in terms of La Rosaleda maintenance. Limsama guarantees its service, which is essential during these times, in all types of areas, which is why they work in all activities, whether professional or private.

They are not only experts in sanitation, they are also recognised in the areas of gardening, renovation and air conditioning.

Malagueños and Malaguistas, the company name has a special presence in our home. They are the sponsors of the MCF School, featuring on the front of the shirts of the young players who are starting to carve a future in the world of football with the Blue and White colours of Málaga CF.

They fulfil their slogan “We can help you improve” to the letter, with owner and administrator, Salvador Ávila, and manager Alejandro Checa at the helm of this company.

Thank you, Limsama, for helping us keep the house of all Malaguistas safe.

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