La Academia - Summer Camp

Larrubia and Andrés visit the MCF Camp

The Blue and White players accompanied the young Malaguistas for the first MCF Summer Camp. The Genuine team also didn’t want to miss out on this fun afternoon of Malaguismo.

Since 2011, the young Malaguistas have enjoyed the MCF Camps’ commitment to training and promoting sporting values for boys and girls who want to learn and enjoy football with a Blue and White stamp.

The first week of the Summer Camp came to an end today, at the Roma Luz CF facilities, which kicked off on Monday 4th. A week of learning, football and lots of fun that reached its peak yesterday with a visit by Larrubia and Andrés Caro.

For David it was special, since he grew up in the neighbourhood of La Luz. “I come from this ground, from Roma Luz. I see myself reflected in them. I’m very proud to be able to give advice to the younger children,” he said to MCFTV.

In addition, Andrés was happy to also do his bit during the visit. “Making the kids at the MCF Camp happy is always a pleasure and spending time with them and answering their questions is great. They welcomed us like idols, they had lots of questions and wanted to be with us,” said the young defender.

Larrubia and Andrés, two Malagueños and Malaguistas enjoyed spending time with the boys and girls in the first MCF Summer Camp of 2022. On Monday 11th July, the second turn will get underway at the same location. The third and fourth will be held in Torrox and Mollina respectively. What an exciting Malaguista summer!