Kilometre 15: A tricky, yet exemplary visitor

CF Fuenlabrada was the last guest at Martiricos. A newly promoted rival in a positive dynamic, uncomfortable and competitive, who claimed a point from La Rosaleda.


12/11/2019 20:33

There were several highlights in the 0-0 draw between Málaga CF and CF Fuenlabrada, which we review here in our kilometre:

Fuenla, rival number 107 in the league

The side from Madrid faced the Blue and Whites for the first time in an official league match, become adversary number 107 since the Club was re-founded in 1994. This wasn’t just any visitor. On the pitch, tricky and compact, asserting their status as a leading team in LaLiga SmartBank. Off the pitch, they left an iconic image in the visitors’ dressing room (clean as a whistle), a team full of education and values. Exemplary.

Glass half full

Málaga’s position in the standings, having accumulated 10 matches without a win (between matchdays 2 and 11) wasn’t the ideal start. As such, every point or movement up the table is significant. The boys have won seven of the last 12 points at stake and, in this matchday, advanced two places to leave the final four. In the face of adversity, moderate optimism.

Top 4 in defence

The 0-0 against Fuenlabrada showed the strong defensive level of the team. Only the leaders of the category, Cádiz CF and SD Huesca, and also CD Numancia (fifth place) have conceded fewer goals than MCF in these 15 league games. Munir’s reflexes and overall solvency in defence, both collectively and individually, are key.

New midfield

Keidi’s absence due to suspension, and Luis Muñoz because of physical reasons - both are registered to the reserve team yet are regular fixtures in defence – opened the door to the starting line-up for Algerian, Benkhemassa. In addition, discomfort in the run-up to play for Adrián left another space in the wide area that was occupied by Juanpi. Renato’s injury at the end of the first half saw Víctor bring on Boulahroud, another non-starting player this season who responded at a good level.

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