Kieszek: “I’m here to compete to help the team”

The Polish goalkeeper was officially presented today at the Production Centre of San Miguel in Málaga. “We have three very good goalkeepers and competing is the best thing for the team” says the latest Málaga CF signing.


05/09/2018 14:12

Pawel Kieszek was accompanied by José Luis Pérez Caminero during his press conference. “We were looking for an opportunity and he knows the references we had of him. We spoke about the possibility, he already knew the language and Second Division and we were pretty clear”, says the Club’s sports director who went on to say “there were many free players left and our job is to comb the market. The Club is willing to make an effort and we will continue doing so. I don’t know if he (Pawel) will be the last, but the aim is to incorporate another player”.

Press conference | Kieszek

Arrival at the Club

“Everything happened very quickly. However, I’m thrilled to be here, it’s a very good option. Now we must all compete and each one needs to be ready to play”.

Munir, healthy competition

“The most important factor is the team. Munir has had a great start which is fantastic for the team. I’m one more, if I can play and help the team that will be great; if not, I’ll help Munir to play even better”.


“My objective is to enjoy football. I’m healthy, can play well and will enjoy and compete”.


“I’ve been with top clubs and for me competing is normal. We have three very good goalkeepers and competing is the best thing for the team”.


“After matchday 42 I would say yes (best team) but there’s a long way to go. It’s a very competitive league and starting off well is important. However, there will be some tough times we’ll need to go through. But Málaga is a very good team”.