Keidi: “We’re going to make a very big effort to go up”

Málaga CF midfielder, Keidi Bare analyses the Blue and White team following Friday morning training: “We hope this year will be our year”.


19/07/2019 14:15


“First, I have to train well this pre-season, then the coach will decide if I’ll continue doing what I did last season. It’s the coach’s decision and that’s that”.

Turn the page

“It was a pity we didn’t achieve promotion to the First Division, I’m sure we’re going to make a very big effort to go up and we hope this year will be our year”.

Current situation

“Up to now there are no changes as we’re only at the start. Training kicked off four days ago, there’s a long way to go”.


“If you don’t work hard during the pre-season, you won’t be on top form for the matches. Here you have to suffer and work hard to be match fit”.

Training with the ball

“All the players like to train with the ball, but this afternoon we have a running session”.

Start of LaLiga 123

“The start of the competition is a long way off yet, but me and the entire team cannot wait for the league to get underway”.


“It’s a great number as we really need our fans. They are player number 12 for us, and I thank them for always being there for the team”.

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