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Kameni & Ochoa: zero point…

Malaguista goalkeepers, Carlos Kameni and Guillermo Ochoa guardians of the Blue and Whites’ goal, are about to end the season with less than a goal conceded per game.

Málaga CF has received 32 goals in the 35 LaLiga matches so far in 2015/16, or rather, 0’91 goals conceded per match.  Kameni has played 28 games (2,467 minutes) and received 25 goals.  The Cameroonian has conceded a goal every 98’6 minutes, which is 0’89 goals per match, the fifth best average in the League behind Oblak, Bravo, Aréola and Keylor Navas.  Ochoa has played 8 matches (683 minutes) and received 7 goals.  The Mexican has conceded 1 goal every 97’5 minutes (0’87 goals per match).  ‘Memo’ substituted Kameni in a match, the 3-3 draw with Deportivo.  Reserve team keeper, Aarón hasn’t played in LaLiga. 

Providing there’s no catastrophe, this will be the best season in history in the elite for MCF, in regard to goals received, as the record of goals conceded dates back to 2001/02 with 44 goals, compared to the 32 so far this year, with three games remaining.  In Malaguista history in the elite, only the numbers from 2015/16 match with three of the five years of the ‘golden five’ of Club Deportivo Málaga in the 70s in the First Division.  Namely:


CD Málaga | Season 1971/72

34 matches played – 31 goals conceded (Average: 0’91)

Deusto (30 MP – 23 GC); Goicoechea (6 MP – 6 GC); Espejo (1 MP – 2 GC)

(*) In 3 matches, Goicoechea substituted Deusto, 'Zamora Cup' winner that season, hence totalling 37 matches for the 3 goalkeepers

CD Málaga | Season 1972/73

34 matches played – 29 goals conceded (Average: 0’85)

Deusto (34 MP – 29 GC)

(*) Goicoechea and Fuentes didn’t play in the League

CD Málaga | Season 1973/74

34 matches played – 32 goals conceded (Average: 0’94)

Deusto (34 MP – 32 GC)

(*) Goicoechea, Marcos and Elorza didn’t play in the League