Juankar: “We kept them in their half throughout the second half”

The left winger appeared in the mixed zone following the match in Girona: “We need to adapt to the circumstances we have, without a forward of reference”, he stated.


01/09/2019 23:08


“We’re a bit angry. We weren’t bad in the first half, but we also weren’t that good. In the second half you could see what we’re capable of. We were superior, and they were only more effective”.


“In the end we need to adapt to the complex circumstances we have, but we do it without a forward of reference”.

Superior to the rival

“We were superior in everything, against a recently relegated team with a high budget. The positive aspect is we kept them in their half throughout the second half”.


“Everything has an effect, but I hope it will be resolved as if not we’re going to have a problem. We are professionals, but I hope everything gets sorted out”.


“We’re grateful to the fans and following the end of last season we’re very united. That’s the way forward to achieve our objective, which will be pretty tough this year. The fans really give us a boost and we’re thankful there were so many of them at the stadium. Thanks also to the fans watching on TV”.

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