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Press conference

Juande: “No-one can take the excitement away from us”

Blue and Whites’ coach, Juande Ramos held a press conference at the Ciudad de Málaga: “Having 20,000 season ticket holders is a resounding success,” says the La Mancha-born coach.


“Results? They are the least important aspect.  All focus is on preparing the team to start LaLiga in the best way possible.  It’s extremely positive that we’ve practically had no injuries, and general speaking, this is greatly beneficial to the team.”


“It’s great for the Club that the fans are so motivated and full of excitement.  The players must concentrate on preparing themselves and the first home game, the Costa del Sol Cup generates a lot of excitement in all that we’re doing, but the team’s work is priority.  Our preparation must be carried out to the letter.”

Ambition and excitement

“My message is one of excitement, and conveying it firstly to the players, who are the ones in action on the pitch and who must achieve the objectives.  Secondly the Club, I would like this same ambition with the professionals to grow little by little.  No-one can take the excitement away from us, nor the hope of fighting against the 10 or 12 teams who are at our level or above.  We must compete to match it.”

20.000 season ticket holders

“It’s amazing that with under 20 days left until the start of LaLiga, we have over 20,000 season ticket holders.  I think it’s a resounding success.”

Possible signings

“One – striker – who scores a lot of goals, and a goalkeeper who saves them all is what we want.  And free…(laughs)”.

No set starting-11

“I don’t have the 11 yet, nor will I have within two weeks, a month or a year.  We have a team of evenly-matched professionals, at a very similar level, so the important thing is the players’ fitness.  I’ll select the best players for each game.  The Club has 20, 22 or 24 players.”


“We’re working on a line of continuity, and want all the footballers to understand what we want to do.  This requires strength, concentration and sacrifice, with the rewards being victories and enjoying the weekends.”