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Press conference

Juande: “Achieving victory is vital”

The coach affirms: “winning is essential to gain a sense of calm. I’m confident, because I see the players working hard.”


I’m confident, because I see the players working hard during the week, which keeps me calm.  It’s been a long week since our last match, which took place on a Friday, so it’s allowed us to get through a great volume of work and the players have assimilated well.  This makes me feel confident, seeing the players making such a great effort, working hard, doing what’s asked of them, so I hope we see improvement.”


“From the point of view of the League table and number of points, achieving victory is vital, as we need the three points.  First, because a win will take us to a much more comfortable position in the rankings; and second, due to the length of time before we compete again.  Over a period of two weeks, you can start to think all sorts of things, so winning is essential to gain a sense of calm within the team and regarding our future development.”


“Athletic are a well-balanced team, who are not just dependant on one player.  Achieving victory in the First Division is difficult for every team, so now we have to try and ensure that tomorrow it’s our turn.  We’re always so close, but in the end the matches haven’t gone in our favour.”