José González: “The team’s dignity must be appreciated”

The Malaguista coach analyses the match against Real Madrid in the press room: “We would have liked to give the fans some enjoyment”.


15/04/2018 23:51

Match analysis

“We tried to breathe some fresh air into the line-up and try another system for this game. We knew they are a team that manages the ball with ease from the start and would generate opportunities in midfield with a simple pass. Furthermore, we were aware that with their line-up, missing Bale and Cristiano, they’d have less finishers and we wanted them to come in from the outside although they generate a lot of shots, however we were too contemplative. We lacked a certain aggressiveness in the first half to defend a little more upfront. This meant the rival had absolute control a lot of the time, and subsequently created a lot of chances. The goal came when we least expected it, I think quite unfairly. I don’t believe we should be happy with tonight’s refereeing. In the second half we came out with another system, another idea, with nothing to lose, we were more immersed in the match and approached the rival goal area far more”.

Debut of Iván Rodríguez

“Iván has been training with us many times and can play in any defence position. We knew he would do well. Ignasi Miquel had a bad stomach, he wanted to vomit and did so when he reached the dressing room. The good news is that we saw the debut of a young player who has a great future and a lot of personality in everything he does. I believe he has the potential to grow, and this is a day he’ll never forget, debuting against Real Madrid”.

Keep working

“We’ll resume training tomorrow morning to prepare for the match against Levante, with the same mentality we’ll show in all our matches. Today we would have liked to give the fans some enjoyment from a partial victory, but we didn’t manage to. We were up against a major rival, this is the same team that won 1-3 in Leganés. They are a team that with a plan ‘B’ or ‘C’, are far superior. In many cases we’ve been able to get into the game and, at best, could have claimed victory, but we’re lacking a lot of goals. We need many opportunities to be able to score, and fate wanted us to do it in the very last play”.


“You can truly appreciate the dignity the team showed, they never gave up at any moment. The first half didn’t go as expected, they were very fresh and each time they kept forcing us back. We seemed far inferior than we should have been. I believe that the team, when they scored, had the positive mentality to really go for Madrid”.