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Press conference

José González: “Football is owing us every week”

The Malaguista coach reviews #AthleticMálaga in a press conference: “Once again, a match in which we thought we deserved far more, yet the report is exactly the same”.


Once again, a match in which we thought we deserved far more, yet the report is exactly the same. It’s been happening in many games. This can be read in a number of ways. Throughout the match we entered well, showed character and we scored a goal”.

The team is still alive

“They equalised too soon, and we didn’t know how to measure those moments of necessity, as we knew there were doubts floating around with them in regard to the cohesion of new players. If we had lasted longer with the 0-1 lead, we could have done some more damage. They grew as play went on, and we performed badly on many tactical questions, which over the past four games, we’ve been doing very well. We talked at half time, they scored from a perfectly stoppable ball, a strategy we’ve been working on this week. We talked about there being two situations; one of a team in last place with a 0-1 lead that stops trying whilst in an agonising position in the standings; or to show who we really are, a team that is still alive. From there, the opportunities, the penalty, and many questions allow you to see that”.

Good image

“Today I don’t think anyone from Bilbao thought Málaga were at the bottom of the table with 13 points, but that’s the reality. It can be summarised that Athletic’s best player today was the goalkeeper, that’s speaking clearly as we are the team in last place, although we don’t deserve to be there”.

A challenge he knows well

“They tell me that the team is dead, but the team is not giving that sensation. I want to hold on to what I’ve already achieved. Málaga were 5 points, and Granada were also 5 points away with 13 games remaining, and we achieved permanency a matchday in advance. I’ve played with 8 points, now there are 13 games left. If it was a dead team, and new players arrive…but this team is not dead”.

Missing a bit of luck

“Football is owing us every week. If Málaga drew here today, nobody would be surprised. The 30 minutes we had have been the worst in a long time, they themselves realised it and corrected what we were doing. The players believe in what they’re doing, we need to find that dose of good fortune, and the goal, from the opportunities we create. Each time we’re growing more and generating more chances, and the team is improving”.

Not giving up

“I will never give up, nor will I allow my players to. However, I understand the fans and journalists”.