José Alberto: “We’re going to live for Málaga”

The new Blue and White coach was presented to the media at the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda: “We are going to be as ambitious and demanding as possible from day one”.


04/06/2021 14:08


“I would like to thank all the people who have made it possible for me and my coaching team to be here. We are very grateful and full of enthusiasm. We are going to be as ambitious and demanding as possible from day one. We are very excited that a club like this, with the history and the fans it has, has contacted us. We’re delighted”.

A coach who continues to grow

“This is a step forward. Following my first professional experience at Sporting and my time in Miranda, I now take another step forward. I’ve arrived at an important club in the category, a historic club within Spanish football. I’m very excited, I am very happy to be here”.

Hard work, key to developing a style

“We’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us. Constructing the best possible team within our limitations, working with Manolo and the technical secretary to the max. Once we build the team, we’ll shape it with hard work every day to get the style we want. I like a combinative style, aggressive with and without the ball, always trying to be balanced, attacking well and defending the best we can”.

Bringing continuity and stability, the main objective

“Trying to bring continuity to a project that was carried out very well already last season and the one before. Giving continuity to that project and stabilising the club. From there, we grow. I think that we arrived at this Club at a good time, we are both experiencing a time of growth. I at the professional level and Málaga CF advancing to return to what it was before. Of course, we need to stay calm, do things right and work hard, without setting ourselves mammoth challenges. The challenge has to be to compete to the maximum in every game in order to win. It would be wrong to set promotion or playoff goals. What we need to focus on now is each match and building the team”.

An easy decision

“The project was very important to me and from the first conversation with Manolo we had a great, reciprocal relationship. It's very easy to come to a club like this, with the history it has, the fans, the resources. It was easy to convince me, but I must say that the decision was made by the message that Manolo conveyed to me, with the project he presented to me, and by growing together with this great Club”.

Committed to young talent

“Yesterday I spoke to Funes and Nacho and I’ve watched the odd Juvenil DH game. I’m not going to give any assessment of anyone as I think I need to have more information and see them in action more. Almost all of them have debuted with the first team, but we have to see them more to be able to give an assessment. This Club has always provided great players, and the MCF Academy is a very important Academy. Now, with the situation we’re in, it will be even more so. We like to work with the young players and help them to grow, and we’re going to have them very much in mind”.

Living for Málaga CF

“We’ll do our best to achieve the best possible results. We’re going to live for Málaga CF. We’re not men of the house because we grew up here, but because we’re men of the Club and will do our absolute best, that’s the goal we’ve set for ourselves”.

Málaga, a dream city

“In football we meet a lot of people, and we have friends in the city. In addition, I really like Andalucía. I’ve spent the summer here on occasion, I know the city. It’s not only the Club that convinces you, coming to a city like this is also a big influence”.


Manolo Gaspar

Welcome, míster

“I want to welcome the coach to our home. From the outset he’s shown great willing and immense enthusiasm. It’s a pleasure for us to have him here, we’re very happy. I also want to say hello to The MBC members who are in the stadium watching this press conference. They always support us, through the good times and bad”.

A perfect candidate

“We were certain from the first moment. Within the Club we have a pretty clear and defined line. We were looking for a profile that would bring continuity to the magnificent work that Sergio (Pellicer) was doing. José Alberto meets these criteria. He’s enthusiastic, willing, he’s not afraid and we were very clear about what we were looking for. We’ve been lucky to find a coach who brings all this together and who was receptive”.

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