First team

Jony&Keko, two wingers who are “ambitious and wanting to develop”

The new Málaga CF players were presented before 2,500 Malaguistas at La Rosaleda: “We realized the fans’ excitement.”

The project

Jony: “All football players want to be ambitious, want to aspire to be at a high level. Certainly at Sporting I also managed to achieve this. The confidence that Málaga have put in me is what’s really thrilled for me. The project they’ve got right now and moving forward is beautiful and exciting, with young people who want to show what they’re capable of. I’m a player who likes challenges, I’m ambitious, and I always want to go further, and it’s that that’s really delighted me about Málaga.

Keko: “I’m also a very ambitious person. You can tell that about me when I’m on the pitch, I always want more, develop my football, my performance and the objectives that I can reach. I believe that’s what Málaga’s offered me. After football, names don’t count, nor what happens off the pitch, the only thing that matters is what goes on out on field. Málaga offered me this jump forward, to continue growing and to achieve my ambitious objectives. I want to play, I want to come here convinced that I’m not just going to be just another one, but that I have to earn my stripes day by day and I will need to show that. I come to do just that through my work and whole attitude. And from there we’ll all fly forwards and achieve the objectives of this project.”


Jony: “You can tell on social media that we’re being received very well. And for that I would like to thanks the Málaga fans. I hope to please them all during the next four years here. I ask them to keep up the excitement and to have a bit of patience whilst I adapt to the Club and the team. I’m sure it’s all going to be brilliant.”

Keko: “Yes, we’ve realized the impact and the excitement that we’ve created with people. I was speaking about it earlier with my wife and friends. I was going along the seafront promenade and people were looking at me saying, ‘Is it or isn’t it?” I’m very happy that people have welcomed us like this. The important thing is that when the season finishes we’re full of just as much excitement.”


Keko: “I consider myself to be an old-fashioned winger; a worker, quick, someone who likes it one on one, and who tries to create plenty of danger moments by getting the ball in the area so the team can finish it off. Additionally, I’m trying to improve my play in order to make me more complete in the centre and score goals.”

Jony: “Keko and I are very similar players. We are, as he says, old-fashioned wingers of proper value. If anything characterizes me it’s being daring, because even if a move doesn’t come through, I keep trying and trying until the very end. It’s something that’s within me, it’s in my DNA, I never give up. With everything that it’s taken to reach the First Division, or if a move doesn’t work out. I’m very stubborn, I am ambitious and I’m going all out on the wing with whatever characteristics that has.

Old acquaintances

Keko: “In our youth we had a reggaetón group, and we were called Jony&Keko. We’re not Andy y Lucas, but Jony&Keko (laughs).

We met playing, sometimes we would meet on the pitch and I had to defend him or him me. I gave him a smack on the head once and he said “Get off!” and we didn’t coincide further from then on.

It’s great being with people like this, humble, and it creates a great group. I think at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have a great squad and that there’s a good feeling.”

Jony: “He plays on the right and I’m on the left and when we meet there is the usual banter that you get amongst players on the pitch. You guys saw what I read on Twitter yesterday, I am very happy to know people like him.”