Javi Ramos: “We have to fight until the end”

The Malaguista coach spoke after Málaga-Almassora: “There are three matches remaining and we can’t lose any. Where there’s life there’s hope”, he said.


03/05/2021 12:08


“The team started out well, although we made the mistake that led to the penalty. However, we recovered and managed to equalise. In the first half I liked the team a lot, we worked well with the ball, piled the pressure on and generated opportunities. Yet we were trailing 1-2 at half-time from a penalty and a second play from in front of the area, when the rival hadn’t created any other chances. In the second half, up until 1-3 we were doing well. Following the triple substitution, we had 10 good minutes, but the goal killed us. When we were 1-3 down the team didn’t know how to react, we couldn’t link any plays and the team looked broken. The final part was a struggle and it appeared as though the team gave up. It’s a difficult situation for the players, being 1-3 down on the scoreboard plays with your mind, it was too big a blow for them and we didn’t know how to respond”.

Delicate situation

“Remaining in the category is more difficult as there’s one match less to go and a direct rival beat us again. It’s more complicated now as there are three matches remaining and we can’t lose any. Where there’s life there’s hope. We have to fight until the end. We are defending Málaga, an historic club and we must give our all until the last second. We cannot give up. It’s a very hard defeat for us as we’ve worked well all week and the team had confidence in achieving victory. There’s anger in the dressing room, but we must focus on next week and win the match, whatever happens”.

Harsh punishment

“Ending the first half 1-2 down wasn’t fair. We were superior in terms of gameplay over Almassora, we had possession and reached the attacking zones well. Despite a good first half, this was the best of the three matches since I’ve been with the team, and we were 1-2 down at half-time. However, the team didn’t suffer too much in defence despite conceding two goals, they stemmed from two specific plays. It’s annoying as the team looked good, they worked well, did what we asked, yet trailed 1-2 at half-time”.

Goals are scarce

“We had several chances that never materialised, but what’s needed more than anything is a victory to change the dynamic and the girls’ mentality, so they believe in what we’re doing. The goals come in waves and we’re not fortunate at the moment, despite generating opportunities. We really need a win. The dressing room is angry as the girls work hard every day, they are dedicated and give their all. Sometimes that’s not enough. Football isn’t giving us what we’re trying to achieve through hard work. There are years where things don’t go well, which looks to be the case this season. However, there are no excuses, there are three games left and we must fight until the end”.

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