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“I taught my friends everything I know about Málaga and why I’m a Malaguista”

Dylan Murray’s bedroom is a Blue and White treasure trove. With more than 50 Málaga CF objects, his home in London was named the winner of the #LaCasaMalaguista competition.

We know that the Blue and White feeling knows no ages or borders, but after meeting Dylan Murray, there’s no doubt. Dylan is 12 years old, a red-head with a strong British accent who lives in London. There, in the cradle of European football, a Blue and White treasure trove is hidden. Dylan could have chosen to support Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Watford FC or Tottenham, to name but a few. There are a lot of teams to choose from in the capital, but Dylan was clear from the age of three that his heart belongs to Málaga CF.

“I fell in love with Málaga when I saw my first football match when I was three years old, it was an incredible experience”, he says from his bedroom in London, which houses more than 50 Blue and White pieces.

Photos of players, footballs, flags, the bedspread, shirts…all bearing our team’s colours.

“I have a collection of around 50 items from Málaga. Every season I save enough money to buy the home or away shirt”, affirms Dylan in an interview with the Club’s official media.

His image was made public when his mother, Lindsay Murray tweeted a photo of her son’s bedroom as part of the #LaCasaMalaguista competition, and she was thrilled when she found out he’d won.

Right now, whilst on lockdown in England, Dylan says he is looking forward to returning to the Costa del Sol, to La Rosaleda. “I’ve been to La Rosaleda around 20 times to watch matches, buy something in the shop and I’ve also visited the museum. It’s an incredible stadium”.

As well as being a Malaguista, he tells his friends all about the Blue and White history: “They don’t know a lot about Málaga, so I tell them everything I know about the team and explain why I’m such an avid Malaguista”.

Dylan’s grandparents have been living in Málaga for 30 years and his family ties with Spain led to his feeling for the Club and why he gets on a plane every year to visit them. During his visit he doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of enjoying the MCF Museum tour, the shops and, of course, cheering the team on from his seat at La Rosaleda.

His idol? He has several. “My favourite player is Cifuentes but my all-time favourite player is Kameni and he's inspired me to become a goalkeeper," he adds.

Dylan speaks English but is learning Spanish at school, and even sings part of the hymn! If you haven’t seen it hit play and enjoy with this great young Malaguista.