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International Women’s Day kicks-off on Sunday at La Rosaleda

The story of Ana Carmona Ruiz, better known as Veleta, will lead the events undertaken by the Club for International Women’s Day. On Sunday’s match against Real Racing Club, the Club will advance 8M. Check out what’s coming up!

For Malaguistas, International Women’s Day will get underway on Sunday 5th March at La Rosaleda. The Club is going all out for this crucial match against Real Racing Club and advances several initiatives related to 8M, taking place during the match.

This year, International Women’s Day will be led by #LaLlamabanVeleta. Veleta's story may be unknown to some Malaguistas, but we’re sure when you realise her significance, you’ll never forget her. She is an example for all the women who followed her and who currently enjoy football with the freedom they deserve.

Better known as Veleta or Nita, Ana Carmona Ruiz was born in 1908, a time when women were not allowed to play football. She was passionate, to the point that she stepped on to the pitch dressed as a man so she could do what she loved. Her friendship with the priest Francisco Míguez, founder of Sporting Club de Málaga, allowed her to train on the pitch when no one was there.

Since training was not a very common practice among footballers at that time, Nita's skill stood out above the rest. Her quality led Father Míguez to allow her to play when a teammate was absent, but with certain precautions. To avoid suspicion, she tied up her hair, bandaged her chest, and dressed in a looser kit.

Despite all this, Nita suffered so many problems that she had to go to Vélez. There she continued to fight for her dream and played football until she passed away at the age of 32 from epidemic typhus.

Her tenacity was an example, not just for women who also wanted to freely enjoy football amongst many other things, but for a society that continues to progress and fight in search of equal opportunities. For Veleta and for the rest of the brave women, Málaga CF celebrates International Women’s Day.

On 8th March there will be a talk in the Juan Cortés press room at La Rosaleda on International Women’s Day. As with 8MCF last year, Loyal Malaguistas can register to attend the event, until capacity is reached.

During Sunday's match, very close to International Women’s Day, the Palco de Honor will feature a predominantly female representation, as well as numerous women's clubs from various sports that will accompany the team in the Martiricos stands.

They called her Veleta, although they could have called her brave and tenacious. Málaga Club de Fútbol, using her figure as an example, wants to make the most of 8M to reinforce the importance of social and labour equality. Football is for everyone!