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Our goalkeepers are growing, save by save

The Málaga CF Sports Department, with the Goalkeeper Department coordinated by Toni Mengual, has created a foundation for the present and future to build our own Blue and White goalkeeper model.

As happened at the end of last year at the Federación Malagueña de Fútbol ground, MCFTV headed on down to La Rosaleda’s Annexe to focus on the goalkeepers from our MCF Academy youth ranks.

On the way to its first year of existence, the Goalkeeper Department is coordinated by Malaguista first team goalkeeper coach, Toni Mengual.

“What we are looking for is to give continuity to a job in the medium-long term, with perseverance and taking each step at a time,” said the goalkeeper coach. “We've made sure that all the Club's goalkeepers are following the same line of work, at a technical and tactical level, and that they have a joint idea of what they have to do in goal, both defensively and offensively,” he added. “That means we can get the most out of this model with the goalkeepers we have.”

Every Monday the goalkeepers of the Málaga CF youth academy 11-a-side and 7-a-side teams meet, working on technical aspects of this specific position with the primary aim of improving week by week. And, in addition, establishing links between them to boose the feeling of belonging in relation to the Club and their own model featuring Malaguista DNA.

In this sense, Toni Mengual acknowledges that “for them it is a plus to train at the Annexe and be close to La Rosaleda, it’s an incentive and extra motivation on a daily basis.” The Malaguista goalkeeper coach praises the good acceptance of this new initiative: “I’m very grateful for the support the Club is giving us so that we can undertake this work, from the management to coach Pellicer.”

The good dynamics of the set tasks are very attractive to young goalkeepers. According to Mengual, “they enjoy it to the max and we can demand the maximum from them, because with something fun you learn twice as much.”

Our guardians, training session by training session and save by save grow under the supervision of the Entity's coaches, with the desire to progress each season and climb up the ranks with the dream, one day, of being a Málaga Club de Fútbol goalkeeper.