Final of the Aachen Cup lost on penalties

Málaga CF defeated FC Köln in the semis by 0-1, and drew 0-0 with Alemannia Aachen in the final of this #LaLigaWorld tournament.


24/07/2016 19:05

The second 45-minute match within the special format of the Aachen Cup saw the Blue and Whites face host team, Alemannia Aachen.  This match was far more intense than the first, with few chances in either area.

Kameni was again in goal, and Recio, having recovered from a bout of gastroenteritis, made his pre-season debut.  He created one of the best chances to take the lead with a long shot in minute 20, that the keeper deflected to a corner.

The Malaguista goalkeeper was also forced to intervene in a couple of approaches by Aachen, and for the second consecutive match he maintained a clean sheet.

As the final whistle drew closer, Málaga tried to score from a few unsuccessful corners.  Finally, the winner would be decided from the 11-metre mark.  Lady Luck wasn’t on the Malaguistas’ side, as despite a save by Kameni, two missed penalties meant the cup stayed with the local team.


Alemannia Aachen: Nagel, Winter, Propheter, Haitz, Rüter, Neco, Dowidat, Mohr, Kucharzik, Kühnel and Hammel.

Málaga CF: Kameni, Torres, Llorente, Kone, Mikel, Recio, Kuzmanovic, Duda, Chory, Santos and Charles.

Goals: 0-0

Penalties: 4-3. Santos, Recio and Chory scored for Málaga CF, whilst Jony and Camacho missed.

Referee: Mario Heller.

Information: Final of the Aachen Cup, sponsored by LaLiga World Challenge, held at the Tivoli Stadion.