“Every match we play in this shirt is a motivation”

Málaga CF coach, Juan Ramón López Muñiz attended to the media in the run-up to #MálagaAlmería: “The Cup is a motivation for us”.


10/09/2018 13:48

The Cup, a motivation

“It’s a motivation. It’s an entertaining competition which gets more exciting and interesting the more rounds you get through. For us it has to be a motivation. Every match we play in this shirt is a motivation. It’s an official tournament, a championship in which we’ll try to surpass all the upcoming knockout matches, and this is one of them”.


“We’ll make the changes we deem necessary for the team to compete well. There’s a team that played on Saturday and tomorrow we’ll see how the players are doing. We’ll do our best to select the team that we believe can win this match. As I always say in the lead-up to games, any of the 22 players on the squad can participate without any problems. We saw this the other day. New people entered, contributed, we scored points and the team continues to grow. From that aspect the coach has peace of mind. He knows that any player who goes out there to play will do well. I’ve got a good foundation to choose from”.

Reward for hard work

“Those who are playing are doing so because they deserve it, and when a player is not called-up, there are others who can be starters and play with the team. For those who play tomorrow it is a reward for the work they’ve been doing, and who haven’t enjoyed those minutes in the League, but it’s a prize they’ve won. If there are players who don’t deserve it, they won’t be in the line-up”.

Talking about... Copa del Rey

11/09/2018 20:48 | Report

Visitor comeback marks the end of the Cup journey (1-2)

Defeat for Málaga CF by UD Almería, at La Rosaleda, in the 2nd round of the Copa del Rey. Héctor put the Blue and Whites in front from the penalty spot, but Sekou and Montero turned the result around for Almería. The Blue and Whites are out of the KO tournament.

10/09/2018 17:36 | First team

Match preview: Málaga-Almería

Málaga CF will face UD Almería, at La Rosaleda stadium, in the 2nd round of the Copa de S.M. El Rey. The Cup debut for the 2018/19 season is a one-match eliminator.