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Press conference

Erik Morán: “We’re going for a second consecutive win”

Málaga CF midfielder, Erik Morán appeared in the mixed zone following the victory against Nàstic de Tarragona: “The most important thing was to win, which we did”.

Pacheco’s goal

“The ball went in and it was a goal. Whether it was a rebound or not, it was still a goal”.


“The rival also has everything to play for, so it’s normal that it was a struggle. Particularly playing away from home. They are at their ground and naturally want to pile the pressure on. They got off to a strong start, seeking help from the crowd. I believe we had our chances, and in the end, we came through”.


“The most important thing is always to win, which today we did”.


“That’s what I like. Having the ball, making the team play. I do my best for the team”.

Next match

“Now we’re concentrating on Friday’s match, at home, in front of our fans. We’re going for a second consecutive win”.


“We say to the fans that there’s a long way to go yet, and to keep believing in us. We’ll do everything on our part. Hopefully the fans will continue doing what they did today, coming here to support the team, as they always do. We’re going to do everything possible”.