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Press conference

Einar: “It’s a tough blow, but this is a long competition”

The Malaguista defender appeared in the mixed zone after the defeat against CD Alcoyano at La Rosaleda. “We have to look in the mirror, assume that we didn’t perform well, work hard and turn this situation around,” he commented.


“It was a very painful defeat, a hard blow for us and the fans, which is something that we weren’t expecting. We have to be self-critical, we cannot give away 45 minutes like this. In the second half we tried, going all out, but it didn't work for us. You have to be involved for 95 minutes. It’s time for self-criticism, it is a hard blow, but it is 18th November and this is very long.”

We want three points at La Rosaleda

“It's a bit of everything. The rivals play the match of the year here. We are missing points at La Rosaleda, we cannot allow this to happen. We apologise to the fans, they were cheering us on, we believed we could make a comeback. The team simply collapsed, and we have to continue.”

We need to give more

“In the first half we came out confident. We believed that playing at home would be enough for us with the individualities upfront, but we saw that it didn’t work for us. We congratulate Alcoyano as they played a great game, we weren’t at our best level or even close to it. We have to look in the mirror, assume that we didn’t perform well, work hard and turn this situation around.”

They punished the mistakes

“Everyone tries to give their best in every match and during every minute on the pitch. We had several moments of disconnection and made wrong decisions. We were not well-positioned in two counterattacks, so we have to look at our situation as we can’t afford these 45 minutes at home. Analyse and try to turn things around as soon as possible.”


“The demand here is high, the fans have the right to show discontent. I don't think they whistled at us too much. In the second half we all believed in the comeback, we scored a goal and another goal was disallowed. There are moments when we weren’t very successful, disconnected, maybe too confident. We have a week to turn it around and give everything we’ve got in Murcia.”

Value the positives and keep working

“You have to evaluate this team for what it has done. We could have given more, but we are in a positive situation. We have to be mature enough to work on our own. The team breaks down, gives everything and sometimes we are not right. We make the right decisions yet we do things wrong. We believed in the comeback and so did everyone on the pitch. Today didn’t go our way. Let's go home, clear our heads a little, and think about the next game.”