Docunova impresses in a new webinar

The MBC enjoyed another remote meeting in which Docunova was host and Docuware the invited guest.


26/03/2021 14:44

The company that specialises in the sale, rental and leasing of printers and photocopiers from The MBC started out 25 years ago. Since Antonio Rosas unveiled his project, the philosophy of the company has been fundamental in achieving its current recognition. Docunova’s professionalism, quality, innovation and human value are the four pillars that support its structure.

After a quarter of a century, Docunova now has over 500 clients. The daily work of the Malagueño and Malaguista company has helped it to assist clients during the recent transition. Since the photocopier was indispensable in the 80s until the technological evolution, they have been essential within offices. They are now cutting-edge and multi-functional and Docunova has remained at the forefront of the tech advances for its clients.

During the webinar, Docunova was represented by its commercial director Sergio Rosas and manager, Antonio Rosas. The 30-year journey in document management of the host company in Málaga was featured, as well as invited guest Docuware, represented by regional consultant, Juan García.

The Martiricos Club was represented by the latest Málaga CF signing Stefan Scepovic, who accompanied the guests during the meeting. After several questions about how he has adapted and his LaLiga SmartBank debut, the striker thanked the members of The MBC for their support. From his extensive experience having played on numerous professional teams, Stefan said he has learnt that a united group is always stronger in the face of adversity.

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