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Press conference

Dioni: “Things didn’t turn out the way we wanted”

The Malaguista forward spoke to the media this Sunday following the defeat against AD Ceuta FC. “The goal is the least important thing because we come to win and take the three points,” he said.

A tough match

“It was a crazy game. They started attacking, they had their chances, and they took the lead. In the second half we did the hardest thing, which was turning the score around, and then the game went a little crazy. They caught us on the counter and went level. In the 3-2 we had bad luck. We did some things well, but I also think we did some things badly.”

First 19 matches

“We had a very good first round. We have two teams above us because they have done better than us, they have scored a lot of points. Today was a painful defeat, especially because of how the game turned out.”

Internal competition

“The míster doesn’t give us any clues during the week. We have a squad with very good footballers and whoever plays is going to do well.”

Superb goal

“I would have liked to score the goal and for the team to have won. The goal is the least important thing because we come to win and take the three points.”

Next match at La Rosaleda

“It's a very important game. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of fans there. Two teams that want to play the ball, it will be a great match.”

Never lack attitude

“When we go out on the pitch, we give it our all. There are times when things don't go the way you want. Don't doubt that we are professionals, that we take care of ourselves, that we always want to win and that we give everything. It's a game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

The second round is coming up

“The second round changes completely. There are many teams that are playing for important things and this changes things, especially in away games.”