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Press conference

Dioni: “The fans really wanted a win”

Today’s goal-scorer against Ibiza held a post-match press conference. “Beating those above makes you stronger; you get goosebumps when you see people singing,” he said.

Goal, food for a striker

“For a striker it’s important to score, especially from a penalty. I've failed two and you have that little thing if you fail the third. I shot it very well, the goalkeeper guessed where I was going, but it went in, the team won and we played a very serious game.”

La Rosaleda

“Great atmosphere against a team that is second. People could see that they really wanted to win. We had the handicap of not beating those at the top and we have defeated Recre and Ibiza. They are victories that make you stronger. You get goosebumps when you see people singing. People from outside enjoy it too.”

A very special celebration

“My wife is pregnant and I wanted to celebrate at home, it was my dream to do it with her. Ibiza is a difficult team to beat, with not a lot of associative play, they concede few goals and have very decisive players up front. We were very good, it was a very serious game on our part. They barely had any chances in the second half and we are very happy.”

Sharing minutes

“We want Roberto to be there because he gives a lot to the team, hopefully he’ll be available next week. We are here to fill in, in the two previous games I didn’t start, the coach gave me the start in Alcoi and we won. A goal good for me, the coach usually rotates and gives minutes to everyone. There are 12 games left, then we’ll see where we are. Everyone has to be raring to go as there are going to be two pretty tough months.”

Short-term future

“As long as there are points, we have to fight for them. You don't have to get obsessed, take each match at a time. We don't think beyond enjoying the victory and thinking about Sanlúcar starting tomorrow. It's going to be difficult, we have to compete, give everything and win.”

Good moment

“It’s normal to look at the standings. With 12-13 points we are four behind Ibiza and six behind Castellón. We are clear, we are not looking at the table all the time. We only think about the next game, the people are happy and have enjoyed it. Let's think about the next match.”