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Press conference

D. Larrubia: “Important victory to get us closer to the top”

The Malaguista player appeared before the media after the win against AD Mérida at the Estadio Romano José Fouto. “Very happy with the team's work. Mérida made things very difficult for us,” he stated.

Tight at the top

“Very happy with the team's work. Mérida made things very difficult for us. Important victory to get us closer to the top. Very happy for the goal and for helping the team.”

Emotional match

“It was a match of emotions. Not wanting to say anything about Mérida, but it was their turn today. I want Málaga to always win and take the three points.”

Tough day

“The pitch surprised us all. We were all falling. It was a very complicated match. Mérida pushed us a lot and had chances, but in the end the quality decided the game.”

Role of the young players

“For me, who is another homegrown player, it is a source of pride. Aaron and Cordero came out and gave their all. They have desire, hunger and ambition. We’re delighted.”

All about us

“We try not to look at those above. We are focused on ourselves and, if we continue working as we are doing, with humility, what has to come to us will come.”

Next rival

“Algeciras are a very tough team, fighting for the playoffs. It will be an important match for us to be able to enjoy the Christmas break and then focus on Intercity.”

Frantic start

“For the first 15 or 20 minutes Mérida put a lot of pressure on us. They didn’t let us go out and play our game. They had a very good approach, but with the penalty we freed ourselves up a bit. At 1-2 the team started to play and felt more comfortable.”

Substituted at half-time

“The coach wanted to have more control in the centre of the pitch, so that not so many things would happen and that the game wouldn’t go crazy. Kevin and I had to go out, which is fine.”

First goal with Málaga CF

“I’m thrilled, but also a little sad as it was against Mérida. The important thing is that we won and we have taken the three points.”