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Casado: “Málaga CF will present an official complaint to UEFA over the poor standard of refereeing”

Málaga CF’s General Manager, Vicente Casado, held a press conference at Munster airport in Germany before catching the flight back to Málaga, following the Champions League quarter-final second leg clash with Borussia Dortmund.

“We would like to state that from the Club’s point of view we are all outraged at yet another injustice towards us, having experienced such unfairness on the pitch in this match.  We wish to confirm that the Club is presenting an official complaint to UEFA over the poor standard of refereeing.  We regret that during a Champions League quarter-final, with such a top-level performance from the players, the arbitration was no where near the level such a high-profile quarter-final match deserves.  The players from both Dortmund and Málaga, as well as all the fans, deserve more.  We’re all outraged.”
“I’d also like to add that the people of Málaga won’t be abated.  Firstly, we’d like to thank the players and the fans who are behind us 100 per cent, and we are going to keep fighting for what’s right, and encourage everyone to join in and support Málaga.  All the obstacles and injustices we’ve experienced are not going to bring us down, I can assure you.  Thanks to all our fans, the players and their amazing performance, we’re stronger than ever and will keep on fighting.”
“For the moment we’ve not taken any action, but we will do everything in our power from a footballing point of view.  It wasn’t only Málaga that lost today, it was the entire world of football.  Neither Borussia nor Málaga wanted the match to end like this, and that’s the reality.”
“The objective from now on, for the good of football, is that there are top-quality players that deserve to take part in big competitions like this, and Málaga CF definitely deserves to participate.  Our players are a fine example of fair play on and off the pitch, and their presence in the Champions League quarter-finals was a wonderful thing to see.”

“Our complaint is not against UEFA, but against a poor standard of refereeing, that should not be permitted in such a high-profile match.  The Clubs are required to have an impeccable level of organisation and put on a great show, which is what we’ve done.  In return we expect that everything else is at that same high level, one of the most important being arbitration.”