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Press conference

Caminero: “I’m looking for unity between the club, players and fans”

The new sporting director was presented today at La Rosaleda. “I will do everything so that this club is where it deserves to be,” he affirmed in a press conference.

José Luis Pérez Caminero was joined for his appearance in front of the media by consultant advisors Abdullah Ben Barek, Antonio Benítez and Francisco Martín Aguilar. Also by Juan Rodríguez, who returns to the club as part of the sporting management. “I went a long time ago and it was already a dream to return.  I feel very happy and excited to be alongside José Luis to be able to continue learning and maturing in footballing terms. I’ve trained for this and I’m going to be lucky enough to work with my home team.  I am very appreciative and looking forward to getting stuck in and returning Málaga to where it deserves to be,” affirmed the former Blue and Whites player.

Caminero, who confirmed the continuity of Dely Valdés on the Atlético Malagueño bench for the 18/19 season, will be linked with Málaga CF until the 2020/21 season.


Arrival in Málaga

“I’ve just arrived, I'm getting to know everything and I'm very happy to be here in an historic club like Málaga. I’m looking forward to starting work because we have a major challenge. I come ready to get into a job, in which I believe and in which I will strive to do my best. I do not want to know what has happened before, just to know the present and where I am going, looking towards the future. We must find a solution to what we have to do moving forward.”


“You look for something to feel good about. The project excited me so much for what it has given me and for the people who have trusted my possibilities. I will do everything for this club to put it where it deserves to be. I have just arrived but the club has a clear path and there is a sports plan that we are going to execute. People need to have patience, I am convinced that they will support us; the Second is a very strong division and the fans also help us win matches.”

Juan Rodríguez, right hand man

“Anyone who comes with enthusiasm and determination is vital to the sporting director of Málaga. I have seen these qualities and I am looking forward to developing them in the club. Juan is me, and the decisions I make, my eyes and ears, my voice and will have a very important role. He's a Malaguista, he knows the fans, the city, and he's going to have as much decision and vote as I do.”


“Someone who knows the division, the Second has nothing to do with the First. It’s important to know the teams, the stadiums, how long it is, the pros and cons. The person who will train Málaga knows this all well.”


“The Málaga youth team has always provided good players, it’s been very positive and we will try to keep it. We are not going to neglect it; on the contrary, we’ll look to strengthen it as much as we can. Antonio Tapia left and we are going to look for another person who maintains the line that has already been taken and that’s been very good. And if we can, try to improve it further.”


“I'm focused on making a great team with a good coach, and that the team works hard for the club. I have no other concern (...) I'm going to become a member when I leave this press conference. I'm looking for a unity between the club, players and fans. It is vital to reach the goal that everyone wants. Since I arrived in Malaga I've seen that people will be with us and will support us.”