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Press conference

Camacho: “We didn’t make the most of our goal chances”

Following the Costa del Sol UNESCO Trophy match, Málaga Club de Fútbol’s Camacho and Weligton appeared in the mixed zone to analyse the game against AC Fiorentina.

“There were various phases to this game.  The rival was quick to establish a solid attack, and we had a number of opportunities as we maintained ball possession, but they never materialised.  Fiorentina focus on a very vertical style of play.  This match helped us to prepare for the start of the season, so we need to take away the positives and correct our mistakes.  We’ve got two weeks left until League competition kicks off, and we’re determined to reach as high up the table as we can.  The fans are always behind the team, which is a great motivator for us.  I hope we get off to a great start and we have a successful season.”

“Unfortunately we conceded two early goals due to mistakes.  Generally speaking we didn’t stop in our quest to score, as we had more chances than the rival, but it wasn’t to be.  We’re aware that during the League season we’ll face ‘superior rivals’ and we’ll struggle, but I hope we can learn from tonight’s match.  We generated scoring opportunities this evening but they never came to fruition, then there were times when we were the better side.  Our fans are always with us and were looking forward to seeing us play at home following previous pre-season games.  I hope they continue their great support throughout the League competition and we give them what they want.  For now it’s about working hard and fixing the small details so that we can secure positive results in home games.”